terça-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2011

About Jardim Noturno/ Nocturnal Garden

In this work, the Dance Company Mauricio de Oliveira & Siameses  explores the notion of a minuscule movement fragmented and broken,as if they honor each cell separately. Armed with extreme sensorial sophisticaton, they search for the essencial gesture, always keeping their sights on simplicity.
However, when this same delicate movement is connected, a very complex and unexpected order establishes itsef, recalling the irregular growth of entagled vegetation.
it is a metaphor for the flourishing of plant life, the secret history, mysterious and subtle.
In Nocturnal Garden, the characters develop in obscurity, trusting the night with its capacity to guard secrets, extracting the lushness that runs through it systems. Only thus empowered, are they able to cross the darkest night of the soul.
Through the work, the company allows the dancers to rescue their own imagination and recreate themselves by trusting in the gift of their own presence, the presence of the here and now which is existence itself.

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